Global Marine

Marine is an industry of rapid growth and opportunity, with ever-changing demands. The claims process across all areas of the marine industry demands specialist expertise and tailored support to navigate the claims process actively, effectively and efficiently.

A comprehensive and clear claims strategy should encompass claims advocacy, preparation, asset valuation, risk quantification and specialist consulting.

Marine organizations’ needs and objectives throughout the claims process demand an industry-focused approach, serving businesses across:

A spotlight on cargo

Cargo is a very diverse class of business, insuring goods throughout the supply chain and across all industries and demanding specialist expertise across stock throughput, projects/DSU, commodities, gas and oil, complex chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining and investment banks.

Taking an adaptive and proactive approach is essential to work in synergy with businesses as needs and objectives change over time. In addition to transferring risks to the insurance market, the performance of a specialist cargo claims team is an essential component of a comprehensive and dynamic risk management strategy.

A successful claims process:

  • Works with Assureds to ensure stakeholders have a full understanding of the policy and coverage
  • Is tailored to the demands of the business
  • Is presented to maximize recoverability
  • Leverages expertise and identifies solutions
  • Ensures clients remain informed at every stage of the claims process

Specialist claims teams can add value

By working with a fully qualified fellow of the UK Average Adjusters Association, marine organizations can benefit from highly specialized knowledge and experience.

A specialist claims team with an industry-focus enables organizations to mobilize and implement the necessary procedures to ensure a smooth claims process. From routinely reviewing policies, to working in conjunction with placing colleagues to ensure that coverage meets your business risks, a claims team with specialist expertise and access to global resources can create a bespoke claim solution is tailored to the organization’s specific needs.