Global Marine
Shipowners and Operators

Geopolitical tensions, crew welfare, increased regulation and advances in technology continue to challenge shipowners.

Challenges facing the shipowning community demand experience and long-standing industry relationships to deliver solutions which enable shipowners to thrive in the current environment, and manage exposures across following interests:

The nature of the marine industry demands an approach to risk management that is truly global. A network of regional hubs provides access to local markets and experts across every continent.

With industry expertise and established market relationships, specialist broking teams can deliver solutions which enable shipowners to pursue commercial ambitions with confidence.

Working with a dedicated Marine team enables shipowners to access:

  • Efficiency: a transparent, timely and centralized service approach
  • Value: an insurance program which delivers risk transfer with appropriate terms, competitive pricing and timely payment of claims
  • Flexibility: specialist broking teams are able to deliver solutions which accommodate for changing needs
  • Responsiveness: advice and guidance to adapt and tailor coverage as required, and to manage claims
  • Leverage: long term strategic partnerships with the market to deliver competitive terms and pricing