Global Marine
Shipyards & Construction

Continued global growth of seaborne trade, oil price volatility, economic stability and geopolitical tensions are all challenges and opportunities faced by shipyards around the world.

The shipbuilding industry is one of the oldest and most competitive markets in the world and it’s one that is constantly changing in response to evolving global trends and pressures.

Factors and challenges impacting the industry include:

  • Rising demand for eco-friendly ships
  • Growing cruise tourist industry
  • Technology
  • Development of offshore wind and global trade

While there is plenty of opportunity for growth, shipbuilding markets in some regions are more advanced than others. Some regions continue to grow as they adapt and quickly implement new technologies, and others continue to maintain their traditional role as an epicentre for building complex, large and/or specialist vessels, which remains a competitive sector.

As the global shipbuilding industry continues to evolve both regionally and technically, working with a specialist team of brokers and risk advisors enables businesses to access experts and specialist markets through regional hubs.

Specialist solutions are designed to support both shipyards and, importantly, the buyers of new builds. Whether that’s a yacht or specialist offshore vessel, specialist teams are able to leverage these solutions to develop and implement an appropriate risk management strategy which will provide protection and support for companies looking to invest in a new build.