Global Marine
Supply Chain

Fast-paced global demand, dynamic geopolitical challenges, global catastrophes, and industry interdependency are a few trending challenges facing supply chains.

With continued global business interconnectedness, industries are experiencing supply chain challenges on a local level that become magnified on a global scale.

The threats impacting supply disruption vary from localized theft during transport, regional geopolitical violence impeding the movement of goods at ports, to business interruption due to natural catastrophes across the supply and manufacturing channels.

Additionally, challenges faced during the shipping, sorting, and storing of cargo reverberate across the entire supply chain, from vulnerabilities of cargos aboard vessels (due to aggregation and the ever-increasing vessel container capacity), fires due to misdeclared cargos, aggregations at ports, to quality of shippers and warehouse operators handling cargoes in transit and in storage.

Global business interconnectedness and growth, coupled with lean inventory management being impacted by local and global events, continue to add to the complexities and challenges facing supply chains.

Specialist solutions

A global team of cargo specialists can assist with the development of a holistic risk management process that is dynamic and caters to bespoke business needs.

With deeper understandings and analysis of supply chain management, redundancy, interdependency, and the use of sophisticated technological solutions (temperature sensors, vessel tracking etc.), evaluation, and product protection whilst in transit and in storage - organizations are well-positioned to reduce loss fluctuations.