Global Marine
Talent & Performance

The need to attract and retain a stable workforce remains a key challenge for marine organizations. The industry has been challenged in attracting new talent and retaining experienced experts due to the mobile nature of work and challenging working conditions which can place strain on workers’ physical and mental wellbeing. In shipping, around ~250K additional FTEs will be required in the next few years. Hiring and retaining crew with an appropriate skillset for this demanding work environment is crucial.

Despite these challenges, automation has the potential to disrupt the workforce within the industry, which may help alleviate some of these talent shortages and help maritime organizations prepare to adopt a more agile and skilled workforce.

Maritime employers are expected to refine and implement innovative benefits and wellbeing programs to support workers’ physical and mental health and to assist the attraction and retention of top talent. Aligning your human capital to embrace change, manage disruption and tackle increasingly complex business processes can help organizations build long-term sustainability.