Public Sector Solutions

During today’s economically distressed times, public sector leaders are being forced to do more with less, while increasing risks continue to stress existing infrastructures. Aon brings together the vast resources to meet the specific needs of public sector entities.

Solutions to Reduce Volatility and Build Resilience

Governments and public-sector institutions are facing both short-term and long-term challenges due to COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic issues. Today’s public-sector leaders are being forced to do more with less as they face loss of tax revenue, decreasing staff, new regulations and increased demands for services. In addition, climate change and severe weather, cyber threats and population growth continue to stress existing infrastructures, increasing the levels and types of risks.
To deliver Aon United to governments, quasi-governmental and other public-sector institutions to solve the myriad of challenges they face and increase the resiliency of their mission, Aon has a global team of experts with deep experience in government, insurance, reinsurance, consulting (e.g. investment advisory, actuarial) and capital markets. The team includes the Public Sector Partnership (PSP), a group focused exclusively on bringing together Aon’s vast resources for tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of the public-sector.
Aon offers a diverse range of professional advisory services for government entities. We can help find solutions to the issues that you are facing both now and in the future.

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