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Changes and uncertainty in health care economics, as well as lower investment return expectations, mean that the investment programs of non-profit health care organizations can play a greater role in supporting the mission. Yet decision-making around short-term investments are often managed separately from operational and strategic financial goals. Aon consultants help align your portfolios within the broader risk management framework and incorporate new metrics, with the goal to achieve investment outcomes that support your financial objectives.

Our Core Capabilities

Metrics and Management

An integrated asset risk analysis approach to managing your asset pools is a critical part of aligning your organization’s overall financial objectives. Aon consultants assess and quantify health care enterprise, investment policy and implementation risks to align with your short and longer term financial goals. Our non-profit health care investment solutions and suite of customizable dashboard analytics measure results and help you:

  • Integrate key financial metrics, such as Days’ Cash on Hand and Maximum Annual Debt Service Ratio, analyze investment impact, identify portfolio opportunities and better manage risks across your investments and balance sheet
  • Quickly measure, monitor and anticipate risks to key balance sheet and income statement variables
  • Respond to changing risk views by calibrating your investment risk exposures against your organization’s overall financial expectations
  • Monitor liquidity risk for implementation and audit purposes

Efficient Decision-Making

Changes are fast and frequent amid complex business and investment environments. Let Aon help you avoid analysis paralysis by aligning investment decision-making with financial metrics. We integrate your financial projections with our capital market assumptions and shorter-term investment insights to help you evaluate financial sensitivities, manage investment uncertainties, and focus on portfolio decision points with the greatest impact on your investment outcomes.

Expert Implementation

We leverage our carefully designed open-architecture platform, supported by a team of investment strategists, capital markets and global asset class research specialists. Aon consultants provide investment strategy design, portfolio allocation to strategic tilts and portfolio rebalancing services to help diversify and spread financial risk across your investments. This helps to ensure potential portfolio changes are assessed on their relative investment merits and against your broader financial and enterprise goals. We manage your assets within an integrated asset risk analysis governance framework that syncs investment risks with operational and strategic financial goals, including various financial scenarios, such as: 

  • Issue pension-related debt
  • Change capital structure
  • Plan for capital expansion projects
  • Evaluate merger and acquisition impact
  • Meet liquidity requirements.

Empowered Partnership

Identifying risks and assessing their impact on the broader organization allows you to allocate risk to meet financial and mission objectives. As your strategic and fiduciary partner, our dedicated healthcare investment professionals help you:

Increase operational efficiency Improve investment income expectations
Manage near-term cash flow cyclicality Manage risk scenarios around key financial metrics
Implement cost-effective, transparent investment portfolios Respond quickly to unexpected financial risks

Managing Financial Metrics in a Complex Environment
Optimizing return and risk across divers asset pools to meet enterprise goals requires an integrated platform.

Complex Environment Infographic


Aon’s innovative integrated asset risk analysis approach, flexible investment solutions and broad network of health care experts empower you to build financial strength of your non-profit health care organization across business cycles. Looking for Endowment and Foundation solutions? Click here.


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