Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services
You’ve accepted the important duty of managing the assets of others, yet the opportunity to serve as a fiduciary requires prudent, careful navigation. You need an experienced, forward-thinking partner with deep knowledge of ever-evolving fiduciary issues to serve as your trusted advisor. As the only large investment consulting firm with a dedicated Fiduciary Services Practice, Aon understands your needs.

Focus of Fiduciary Services
Fiduciaries are judged by the prudence of their process; so Fiduciary Services helps boards and committees to design a framework of prudent processes which are designed to assist them in complying with their fiduciary obligations.

A significant focus of Fiduciary Servicers is an organization’s governance, meaning how fiduciaries exercise their authority and oversight; including how decisions and processes are documents, implemented and monitored.

Benefits of Fiduciary Services
Our Fiduciary Services Practice provides informed, objective information and advice, by recognized industry professionals, regarding industry common and “best practices”. The benefits of utilizing Fiduciary Services includes tangible and intangible benefits, including: adoption of “good governance” practices, implementation of risk mitigation tools, and enhanced stakeholder confidence.

Fiduciary Services delivers a full menu of fiduciary and governance services to a broad spectrum of institutional investors, including public funds, corporate pension funds, and endowments and foundations.

From conducting annual fiduciary training to facilitating a board or committee’s self-evaluation, all the way through to evaluating and recommending enhancements to your practices and policies in light of common and best practices, Aon’s Fiduciary Services offers the expertise you need to feel confident in your organization’s approach to your governance and fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility.

A Deep Breadth of Experience
Our Fiduciary Services consultants are not only immersed in governance practices on a daily basis, but they also boast extensive backgrounds as trustees, legal counsel, and executives of pension funds. They are well versed in the intricacies of both investments and benefits administration responsibilities, as well as the strict legal standards that apply to fiduciaries.

These trusted advisors function either as independent outside experts or as extensions of your staff, working side-by-side to assess and determine the best ways to improve operations. They listen closely to develop an in-depth understanding of the internal workings of your organization, then advise you on any necessary adjustments or changes.

A Comprehensive Suite of Firm Services

We pride ourselves on offering a broad array of investment consulting and advisory services to institutional investors. Our major services include:

  • Fiduciary training and education
  • Fiduciary reviews
  • Governance diagnostics
  • Governance and committee structure advice
  • Pension risk services
  • Management reviews and organizational design
  • Policy development and implementation advice
  • New trustee orientation and ongoing educational sessions
  • Advice on delegation and oversight methods
  • Policy inventories and governance manuals
  • Development of board and committee charters
  • Policy review and development
  • Assistance with drafting administrative rules and statutes
  • Board and committee self-evaluations
  • Criteria and processes for evaluating executive staff
  • Criteria and processes for evaluating outside service providers
  • Strategic planning at the board, committee, and staff levels
  • Statutory authority reviews for public funds
  • Organizational and staffing reviews
  • Retirement and investment committee structural reviews
  • Documentation reviews



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