The Tyche Exposure and Accumulation Management (TEAM) is a high-speed detailed portfolio loss accumulation model.

The system is CAT vendor agnostic, working with any standard CAT model output. TEAM produces OEP, AEP, TVAR and other metrics at contract, peril and aggregate level, both gross and net of reinsurance.

It is integrated with the Tyche Pricing System or can be connected to a third-party pricing system.

Key benefits of Tyche Exposure and Accumulation Management are:
  • Improved portfolio management through more accurate analytics. The system is capable of modeling results gross and net reinsurance at a granular level, with allocation back to contract for both the current portfolio and business planning purposes
  • Operational efficiency through the automation of portfolio runs which reduces the need for manual involvement
  • Near real-time portfolio analysis facilitating faster decision making to manage the portfolio on a gross and net basis