The Tyche Specialist Libraries (TSL) are built in Tyche to complement other Tyche products, such as the Tyche Capital Model, and provide additional insurance modeling capabilities.

Tyche Parameter Estimator Library (TyPE):

The Tyche Parameter Estimator Library provides a solution for parameter estimation when fitting distributions to sample data. It includes a wide range of distributions, fitting methods and goodness of fit measures with graphical display to inform decision making.

Tyche Standard Formula Library (TSF):

The Tyche Standard Formula Library provides a solution for the calculation of the Solvency Capital Requirement under the Solvency II Standard Formula and automatic calculation of the Standard Formula QRTs.

Tyche PRA Returns Library (TPR):

The Tyche PRA Returns Library provides a solution for the calculation of the inputs for the IM.03 PRA Return using outputs from the Tyche Capital Model.

Asset Portfolio Engine (APE):

The Asset Portfolio Engine provides a solution for modeling asset and portfolio returns, using data from an external ESG. It generates individual asset returns and portfolio returns according to portfolio rebalancing rules selected by the user.

Key benefits of the Tyche Specialist Libraries are:
  • Greater operational efficiency and lower cost:
    • The Tyche Capital Model, Tyche Parameter Estimator, Asset Portfolio Engine and Tyche PRA Returns libraries help to enable end-to-end non-life capital modeling within Tyche
    • The Tyche Capital Model and Tyche Standard Formula Library together provide a full Solvency II capital view (Internal Model and Standard Formula), with both products built in Tyche
  • As well as being compatible with the Tyche Capital Model, the Asset Portfolio Engine can also be integrated with most external ESG solutions available in the market.