TyDI is a Tyche library providing an optimized SQL DB Schema and Tyche toolkit for data / assumption management and versioning.

TyDI features:
  • Stores input data, parameters and results for multiple Tyche applications in a single DB
  • Supports user/role assignment
  • Validation of input data against admissible value criteria
  • Locking and unlocking for data versions
  • Flexible user tagging (e.g. add data source information, model run use etc.) of data versions
  • Inbuilt partitioning strategy allowing different data versions to be mapped onto different file groups
Key benefits of TyDI are:
  • It is flexible, robust and maintained
  • Easy to integrate, including:
    • Rich API for posting, extracting, manipulating data
    • Inbuilt Tyche functions to interact with TyDI