Linking Governance and Purpose

Aon helps companies adopt and maintain effective governance practices by linking governance, culture and purpose. We combine strong organizational oversight with the flexibility, adaptability and resilience to solve problems as they arise and the communication and behavior modeling that builds an ethical, valuesdriven culture. This is the foundation of better decision making. Goal setting is backed by relevant metrics and subject to board and C-suite-level oversight. By ensuring cross-departmental coordination, clearly defined processes and policies, and effective operations throughout the organization, we enable businesses and our own firm to thrive.

Better decisions also require training and education as part of the governance model. Aon’s Global Compliance Program includes training and certifications. Our colleagues are periodically required to complete compliance certifications, such as an annual Code of Business Conduct certification. We also complete annual conflicts disclosure questionnaires and participate in designated training programs, as well as other activities to satisfy additional compliance related requirements.