Our ESG Governance

Aon has established an ESG Committee of senior leaders to address and make recommendations regarding environmental, social and governance matters facing the company. The ESG Committee sets and monitors Aon’s ESG strategy, which is based on risk and stakeholder impact.

The ESG Committee is dedicated to increasing Aon’s focus and global coordination on identifying and mitigating ESG risks and disclosing our practices and policies in these areas. It is chaired by our head of investor relations and ESG and includes our chief marketing officer, chief people officer, chief procurement officer, general counsel, CEO of Commercial Risk Solutions, and our head of public affairs and policy. Our head of investor relations and ESG, as chair of the ESG Committee, is responsible for keeping our CEO and Aon Executive Committee updated on ESG developments and the risks reviewed by the ESG Committee.

“At Aon, ESG is about what we do as a company, and what we do for clients. Our Aon United strategy enables and reinforces our ESG actions, commitments, and outcomes,” says Leslie Follmer, Aon’s head of investor relations and ESG. “Our own firm’s impact is only one part of the equation; the greater opportunity lies in the work we do to help clients manage their own risks and upside potential — whether it’s around climate analytics and resiliency, taking care of their people, or mitigating their own risks in D&O, cyber or ESG more broadly. We have a significant opportunity for long-term value creation and positive impact for all our stakeholders.”