Saida Nhass – Compliance and Regulatory Manager

Saida Nhass Profile

Saida joined Aon’s Global Risk Consulting team in 2018. Before joining Aon Saida has gained experience as an attorney at law.

In the last ten years she has worked as a compliance professional within the financial sector dealing with all consequences of the financial crisis.

In her last position she was member of the management team of a Dutch insurer and responsible for compliance and legal affairs.

Within Aon Saida’s role is Practice Lead, Compliance Consulting. She is the trusted advisor of the Board and advises clients on several compliance issues such as implementation of new regulations, training of employees, raising awareness and other behavioural aspects of compliance.

Saida also has extensive experience on regulatory issues and liaises with the Dutch regulator when an is carried out.

t: +31 6 20 42 36 91