Insurance-Linked Securities

We are a leading provider of Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) Solutions worldwide.

Our ILS team possess extensive experience of managing ILS entities globally. We provide full insurance management, consulting, risk modelling and ILS services to both Cedant Sponsors and Investors. 

We provide ILS services worldwide in over 20 offices with over 500 employees. Having a broad client base and global reach provides our team with a unique view of the overall ILS Market.

Our White Rock Group of transformer companies was the first PCC and ICC in the world, operating in seven domiciles.

Insurance Management Services

Our clients include insurers/reinsurers, dedicated reinsurance funds, hedge funds, and pension funds.

Our ILS teams are intimately familiar with all aspects of ILS management including the set-up, on-going administration, claims management and liquidation cycles of ILS vehicles. In addition to the core services provided to all of our insurance management clients, we provide the following specialised services based on the needs of the ILS vehicle.


Collateralised Reinsurance vehicles

The White Rock Group provides capital market investors with flexible and innovative transformer facilities which can be used to directly access the reinsurance market.

Utilizing transformer vehicles, capital markets investors are provided the opportunity to participate in (re)insurance event risk, with a primary focus on natural catastrophe perils, via an asset class that is largely uncorrelated to the global capital markets and which is viewed to provide an attractive risk adjusted return. In the absence of a clearly defined trigger event, the initial collateral and any associated proceeds will be realised by the investor.

White Rock offers a turn-key solution to investors looking for ease of set up and flexible ownership options, with minimal operational costs. The White Rock team has extensive experience with establishing new protected cells and provides all management services and oversight to the vehicles.

Our clients include dedicated Insurance-Linked Securities funds, (re)insurers, hedge funds, private equity funds, pension funds, banks and other financial institutions.

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