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Ms. Francis joined Aon’s Board of Directors at the effective time of the merger of Hewitt Associates, Inc., which merged with a subsidiary of Aon in 2010. Ms. Francis served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company, a print media company, from 1995 until 2000. Since 2000, Ms. Francis has served as a business consultant and, since August 2008, as Co-Chairman of the Corporate Leadership Center. From 2002 until August 2008, she served as Vice Chairman of the Corporate Leadership Center. Prior to her role at R.R. Donnelley, Ms. Francis served on the management team of FMC Corporation and its subsidiary, FMC Gold, including serving as Chief Financial Officer of FMC Gold from 1987 through 1991, and Treasurer of FMC Corporation from 1993 through 1995. In addition she was an adjunct professor for the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business from 1991 through 1993. Ms. Francis currently serves as a Director of HNI Corporation and Morningstar, Inc. Ms. Francis serves as Chair of the Governance/Nominating Committee’s Inclusion and Wellbeing Sub-Committee, and a member of the Governance/Nominating, Finance and Organization and Compensation Committees of our Board of Directors.

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