Aon's Golf Partnerships with the PGA TOUR, the LPGA Tour and the Ryder Cup

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Golf Partnerships

Through our partnerships with the PGA TOUR, the LPGA Tour and The Ryder Cup, we draw parallels between decisions on the golf course and in the boardroom.

May The Better Decision Maker Win

Whether on the tee or reading the green, golfers are constantly searching for insights to give them an edge over the competition. They make strategic decisions, take calculated risks, use pattern recognition, and rely heavily on a team of trusted advisors to maximize performance. Through our partnerships with the PGA TOUR, the LPGA Tour and the Ryder Cup we bring the parallels between business and golf to life.


The Aon Next 10 and Aon Swing 5 are new eligibility paths on the PGA TOUR that recognize better decision-making and the elite performance required to participate in PGA TOUR Signature Events. At the beginning of the season, the first 50 spots in each Signature Event field are set based on prior year rankings. Players then compete in Full-Field Events to fill 15 spots and earn the right to create signature moments as they go head-to-head with the best players in the world.

Meanwhile, our ‘Better Decisions Breakdown’ broadcast segments provide fans a window into how the best players in the world make better decisions when it matters most. Leveraging the cloud-based computing power of Shotlink 2.0, PGA TOUR broadcast teams deliver real-time insights including strokes gained analysis, model-based shot dispersion, accuracy depictions, expected outcomes and more.

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The concept of Risk/Reward is authentic to the game of golf. The Aon Risk Reward Challenge is a unique, season-long competition on the LPGA Tour that highlights golf’s best strategic decision makers. The challenge takes the best two scores from every participating event a player competes in throughout the season. The player who best navigates the challenges, measured by the lowest average score to par on these holes, will win the Aon Trophy and take home a $1 million prize.

The Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup represents the best of the game of golf. The Nicklaus-Jacklin Award presented by Aon, represents the best of the Ryder Cup. Inspired by the historic 1969 Concession, the award honors two icons in the game and recognizes the player who best represents the spirit of the Ryder Cup – who sees the bigger picture and makes better decisions both on and off the course.

Aon Ambassadors

An Elite Line-Up of Golf Professionals

The Aon Ambassadors bring an expert understanding of how golfers manage volatility and deliver results when it matters most. We have assembled an international and elite line-up of golf professionals across the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, and icons from the world of broadcast media. This roster reflects the global nature of our business and the importance of inclusion and diversity to our firm.

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