Integrated Analytics Intelligence

Integrated Analytics Intelligence

Learn how your organization can benefit from Integrated Analytics Intelligence. 

What is Integrated Analytics Intelligence?

Aon's Integrated Analytics Intelligence (IAI) solution enables organizations to connect data and people across their organization and Risk Capital and Human Capital. This award-winning solution doesn't just gather data – it drives rapid impact and accelerates success. Aon’s team of experts across Risk, Health, Wealth, and Talent analyzes your organization’s data and develops customized solutions to address the identified gaps and opportunities, transforming your strategic decision-making and program design.

With a holistic, data-driven view of your organization, you will identify cost savings, maximize investments and achieve better outcomes for you and your members.

Holistic and Data-Driven View of Your Organization

  • Population

    Eligibility, health plan enrollment and demographic data (e.g., business units and job types)

  • Health

    Medical, pharmacy, health risk assessment and biometric screening

  • Wealth

    Compensation, bonus levels and 401(k)

  • Time Away

    Short-term disability, FMLA/LOA, PTO and sick time

  • Risk

    Workers' compensation, OSHA recorables and safety

  • Wellbeing*

    Condition management, emotional wellbeing, health coaching, incentives, onsite clinics and point solution data (e.g., diabetes, family building, musculoskeletal and obesity) *At least 150 participants per program

Why is Integrated Analytics Intelligence Important?

When teams operate in isolation, they can miss out on creative solutions for complex business challenges. By removing barriers and encouraging team collaboration, data can support colleagues, reveal insights and drive optimization, cost savings and better decisions.

IAI helps organizations leverage the power of data consistency to solve their most pressing challenges and enables informed investments for long-term growth. With best-in-class integration technologies, we help organizations define and execute comprehensive strategies, cost savings and risk mitigation — while developing a powerful baseline for future growth.


In a survey of 1,000-plus business leaders in the U.S. and UK, four out of five respondents (79 percent) said teams throughout their organizations are siloed.

Source: Forrester Research

How Aon Can Help

  • Navigating Complexity

    Our team of experts will help you navigate the complex world of data management. From aggregating sensitive data to identifying key drivers that influence your business, we're with you every step of the way. Our tailored solutions address your needs and provide meaningful insights that drive growth — all in a matter of a few months.

  • Partnering with Vendors

    We work seamlessly with your vendor partners to take on the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

  • Protecting Data

    Our commitment to data protection, verification, and security is unwavering. We work closely with data suppliers to ensure the transfer of sensitive data is masked and protected, allowing us to analyze data and identify solutions with ultimate care.

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