Consumer Benefit Solutions

Consumer Benefit Solutions

Learn how your organization can benefit from our consumer benefit solutions. 

A One-Size-Fits-All Benefits Strategy is No Longer an Option

With rising healthcare costs, multiple generations in the workplace and an increasingly tight labor market, a one-size-fits-all benefits strategy is no longer an option for employers. Smart organizations are ramping up their benefit communications and enrollment support to improve employee knowledge and engagement while providing employees access to vital supplemental benefits to address their financial risk.

Aon provides education, engagement and enrollment strategies to help employees understand all the benefits that are available to them so employees can make confident benefit decisions based on their specific needs and personal exposure. Aon also helps our clients procure the right voluntary and company-provided supplemental benefits to enhance their core medical, life and disability plans to ensure all potential gaps in coverage are properly addressed.


Benefits are typically an employer’s second largest spend after payroll, making employee benefit education and engagement vital to maximizing that investment.

Aon Makes the Benefits Journey Easy

  • Effective Education

    Personalized multi-channel benefit education, easy-to-understand materials, and interactive experiences. Elevate employee understanding and appreciation of their benefits. Increase employee awareness of your benefit investment.

  • Efficient Enrollment

    Enhance the open enrollment and new hire experience through concierge-level counselor support. Flexible enrollment options: onsite, enrollment center or virtual enrollments. Easy integration with your existing technology or use our state-of-the-art U2X platform.

  • Better Benefits

    Strategic partnerships with all leading insurers. Pricing and plan designs are tailored to drive the most value for your employees. Detailed product analysis assures coordination with core benefit offerings. Streamlined, efficient and effective broking process.

Explore Our Consumer Benefit Solutions

  • Employee Benefits Enrollment

    Deliver your benefits strategy by implementing tailored education, engagement and enrollment strategies designed to serve diverse, multi-generational employee populations.

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  • Long-Term Care Coverage

    Aon’s long-term care (LTC) task force consistently monitors legislation and updates clients as legislation changes or passes in the states that are considering implementing an LTC payroll tax.

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  • Voluntary Employee Benefits

    Expand your benefits packages to support a variety of voluntary and company-provided supplemental benefits to enhance their core medical, life and disability plans.

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