Long-Term Care Coverage

Long-Term Care Coverage

Learn how your organization can benefit from long-term care coverage. 

What is Long-Term Care Coverage?

Long-term care coverage is designed to meet health or personal needs when you are unable to care for yourself due to chronic illness, injury, or the effects of aging. Services can be provided in different places, including your home, a nursing care facility, or a community-based facility like an adult daycare center. Long-term care coverage isn’t a replacement for healthcare. Instead, it provides coverage if you cannot perform activities of daily living like bathing, dressing and using the bathroom.

Legislative Impact on Long-Term Care 

Increasing demand and rising costs of long-term care have many states considering adding a payroll tax to fund public programs to ease the strain of Medicaid. Washington State was the first state to implement a tax; many other states are considering it. Organizations with employees in these states have two options: collect taxes or offer a long-term care solution that directly benefits employees and may provide an exemption from the payroll tax.

Aon’s long-term care task force is closely monitoring state legislation nationwide and can help organizations put a plan in place proactively to protect their employees.

Long-Term Care Coverage Options

The Benefits of Permanent Life with Long-Term Care

Permanent Life with Long-term care is a unique benefit that allows the use of a portion of the benefit coverage to pay for assisted living, home care, nursing or other long-term care if needed, and beneficiaries can receive a lump sum payout for final expenses or the remaining portion of the benefit if used for long-term care.

  • Valuable benefit that supports employee's financial wellbeing
  • Employee peace of mind knowing they have a benefit that will pay for long-term care when they need it and a death benefit for later in life
  • Bolsters employee attraction and retention
  • Solution to potentially opt-out of state LTC payroll tax if implemented

How Aon Can Help

  • Benefit Consulting

    Our team of experts helps employers stay informed about proposed legislation and how it may impact their employees and discuss valuable coverage options.

  • Education

    Help employees understand the impact of long-term care legislation and the benefits of long-term care coverage with multi-media education campaigns, on-demand webinars and one-to-one conversations with a certified benefit counselor.

  • Technology

    Aon provides enrollment platform flexibility: third-party platform, Aon’s U2X platform or Aon’s Everyday platform.

  • Enrollment

    Certified benefit counselor support can be provided virtually and through the enrollment center.


People ages 65+ have a 70 percent chance of needing some type of long-term care services during the remainder of their lifetime.

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