Individual Disability Insurance

Individual Disability Insurance

Learn how your organization can benefit from individual disability insurance. 

What is Individual Disability Insurance?

Most highly compensated employees are significantly underinsured against serious injury or illness. Limits on the type and amount of income covered under the group plan can result in key employees receiving only a fraction of their income to pay expenses – when they need it most. Typical group long-term disability (LTD) plans do not cover bonus and incentive pay, and benefits are capped – often around $10,000 to $15,000 per month.

An individual disability insurance (IDI) program protects an employee’s most valuable asset — their income — against severe illness and injury by increasing the maximum available coverage and helping protect total income, including bonus and incentive pay, for highly compensated employees.

Why is IDI Important?

In today’s unpredictable world, an unforeseen illness or injury can disrupt one’s professional and personal life, leading to a loss of income or significant medical expenses. Therefore, it is essential to have a robust disability insurance policy in place to manage such risks appropriately. With this protection, highly compensated employees can be assured of their financial stability even during times of difficulty. They can focus on their recovery without worrying about the financial burden of medical treatment or loss of income. IDI is the key to ensuring a worry-free future for highly compensated employees.

What Advantages Does IDI Offer?

How Aon Can Help

  • Dedicated Executive Benefits Team

    Our dedicated team focuses on the design, implementation and administration of IDI plans.

  • Integrated Design Consulting

    Our subject matter experts craft solutions integrating the right mix of multiple products — Group, IDI and surplus lines. We maintain relationships with all the top IDI vendors, ensuring the right fit for your plan.

  • Experienced Implementation Services

    We provide full project management of the IDI plan implementation, coordinating between client, carrier and participant.

  • Ongoing Plan Administration

    Our dedicated service teams maintain all plan documentation, conduct audits of carrier data, and oversee all scheduled and unscheduled plan activities, removing that burden from your benefits staff.


Aon’s Executive Benefits practice provides tailored benefit solutions for the key talent of 30 percent of Fortune 100 companies.

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