Executive Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

Executive Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

Learn how your organization can benefit from executive benefits for the healthcare industry. 

How Aon Can Help

Our specialist team has an exclusive focus on healthcare organizations, which equips us with unique insights into the unprecedented challenges facing the healthcare sector and its leadership. There is a high demand for experienced executives and physicians, and we help organizations recruit, retain and reward the best talent.

Tax-exempt employers — like many hospitals and healthcare systems — struggle to compete with taxable organizations for the best talent. In addition to a robust benefits program, taxable employers offer their key employees equity, deferred stock, and ownership positions that reward the creation of value and build retention. As community-owned assets, tax-exempt employers do not have these tools at their disposal. As a result, tax-exempt organizations must rely entirely on the benefit programs offered to reward key employees. Our benefit plan design, enrollment and administration services offer comprehensive support that ensures your professional healthcare employees fully value the benefits you provide.

Executive and Physician Benefit Offerings

  • Supplemental benefit solutions: Supplemental executive retirement plan design and funding, individual long-term disability programs, retention and succession planning, and customized supplemental life insurance programs.
  • Physician total rewards: More than 70% of the physicians in the country are now employed by a corporate entity. Aon has developed a comprehensive approach to evaluating and benchmarking existing total rewards offerings and developing strategies for rebalancing cash compensation and benefits to deliver a more stable long-term relationship with physician employees.
  • Benefit plan enrollment services
  • Benefit plan administration services

Our Healthcare Industry Expertise

Aon’s healthcare group has over 30 years of industry experience. It includes former healthcare and human resources executives. The average tenure of senior account managers working with and enrolling executives and physicians is 20 years.

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