Driving Operational Efficiency for Insurers

Driving Operational Efficiency

Learn how your organization can become more operationally efficient.

Why Do You Need Operational Advisory?

As the world becomes more digital, employees, customers and shareholders expect more flexibility, choice and real-time interaction. These demands along with significant societal shifts can present many challenges as well as opportunities for insurers. There is very little you can do to control or change the macro environment in which the insurance industry operates. But, within your own business, you have the greatest control. Companies need to be agile to respond to stakeholder and social demands. This requires a focus on streamlining operational design and optimizing resources to prepare for the insurance market of the future.

How to Drive Operational Efficiency in the Insurance Sector

Aon’s Strategy and Technology Group delivers solutions to drive operational efficiency to fit your business today and future-proof it for tomorrow.

You strive to optimize claims, technology, data, underwriting processes and more. We respond with strategies and customized benchmarking to target both the top and bottom lines, giving you the confidence to protect and grow your business.

Our solutions include project and expense management, operating model design, process improvement, governance and benchmarking. Underpinned by our claims and underwriting technology suite which supports best-in-class organizations to optimize their portfolio to identify areas for improvement — all of which leads to profitable growth.

We work to deliver solutions to maximize your potential to grow your top and bottom lines to help design an operating model:

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    We discover operating model improvements and expense-saving opportunities based on your organization’s needs and goals.

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    We start with your current operating model and develop a road map that aligns your operating capabilities with your strategic objectives.

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    Following this groundwork, we map out and deliver your target operating model by guiding you through change implementation and technology transformation, optimizing business outcomes.

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    Finally, we help you make better decisions through continuous review, benchmarking your performance metrics against comparable peers to ensure your organization is a truly resilient and operationally excellent business.

Why Work with Us

Our end-to-end service model relies on our dedicated team, trained to deliver cross-functional transformation in insurance company operations. We bring certified project managers, claims and insurance operations expertise, and lean six sigma experts to best serve you. We benefit from data-driven advice and results underpinned by our modern quality management technology solutions.

Our insurance industry benchmarking and strategic advisory expertise brings data and diverse thinking.


The average personnel expense ratio improved by 13 percent from 2018 to 2022 across the US P&C industry with growth in analytics and technology investments.  

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Insurance companies across all sectors are looking for ways to grow their business cost-efficiently. To stay competitive, insurers must aim to accommodate shifting employee expectations while rethinking their business model to meet client demands.

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