Better Decisions in Trade, Technology, Weather and Workforce

Better Decisions in Trade, Technology, Weather and Workforce

Better Decisions in Trade, Technology, Weather and Workforce

From global supply chain risks to climate insecurity, organizations face challenges and complexities on a scale rarely seen before.

As we talk with clients about the road ahead, we have identified four big trends that will shape the next few years: trade, technology, weather and workforce.


Trade is central to how we all do business. But we face questions about the sustainability of globalization, and whether a retreat to a regional strategy is needed when we consider supply chain resilience and an increasingly fragmented geopolitical landscape.


Technology is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, with innovations such as generative AI pushing the boundaries of our digital world. The rapid pace of change raises a host of questions, including intellectual property as an asset class, addressing the impact to jobs and workforce requirements and how to harness new technologies to drive growth.


Changing weather is forcing organizations to manage climate risk in an increasingly holistic way — from closing the protection gap and ensuring the health and safety of workers in the face of extreme weather, to understanding regulatory changes and leveraging emerging green technologies.


As the workforce emerged from the pandemic, employers began addressing wellbeing needs differently. In the coming years, attracting and retaining talent will require rethinking the entire employee experience — from motivating and sustaining teams to differentiating an organization from competitors and building a sustainable working life.

Combining Capabilities Around Risk Capital and Human Capital

To effectively address these challenges, organizations need new strategies for enterprise-wide risks. And that is exactly how Aon is thinking, as we help clients make better decisions to protect and grow their business and navigate these four interconnected megatrends through our Risk Capital and Human Capital capabilities.

As a firm, we are delivering actionable analytic insight, globally integrated expertise and locally relevant solutions. In Risk Capital, these are helping clients rethink how to take a more holistic view of risk; and in Human Capital, they are supporting a more integrated approach to workforce strategies.

For example, we are bringing parametric and facultative solutions — traditionally the preserve of our re/insurer clients — to corporate clients, helping them to assess, analyze and mitigate the effects of extreme weather on their property portfolios.

In another example, we are helping clients address pay equity and transparency by bringing our Wealth and Talent teams together to help employers better understand how the gender pay gap spanning an employee’s whole career can impact them into retirement. Aon’s analytics is helping clients prepare, stay ahead of these changes and make a meaningful difference in the lives of their employees.

The Next Three Years

These four megatrends are highly interrelated. Because of this, our clients recognize they cannot afford to consider them in isolation as they navigate these complexities and look to unlock the opportunities that exist in an increasingly interconnected world.

In this report, Aon’s leaders in Risk Capital and Human Capital reflect on how they are working with clients to tackle these challenges head-on, and what they see as the biggest opportunities in trade, technology, weather and workforce in the next three years.

Eric Andersen
President, Aon

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