Better Decisions on Risk Capital and Human Capital for Food Agribusiness and Beverage

Better Decisions on Risk Capital and Human Capital for Food Agribusiness and Beverage
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Better Decisions on Risk Capital and Human Capital for FAB Organizations

Navigating a New Era of Volatility

From rising commodity prices and temperatures to shifting geopolitics and consumer habits, the Food, Agribusiness and Beverage (FAB) sector is at the front line of a series of interconnected trends that are continually challenging businesses. These colliding forces are creating global volatility and driving organizations to rapidly re-evaluate their operations and strategies around established and emerging risks.

FAB In Focus

In the face of complex challenges and shifting global forces, organizations today must set new standards in agility and innovation to capitalize on opportunities and build long-term resilience.

  • 44%

    of production companies rank supply chain disruptions as their top risk.

    Source: Aon (1)

  • 1/3

    of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the global food system.

    Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2)

  • 86%

    of all global wheat exports come from only seven countries, with three holding nearly 68% of the world’s total wheat reserve.

    Source: (3)

Solutions For FAB

At Aon, we’ve been on a decade-plus journey to connect our global capabilities, so we can address our clients’ top priorities more effectively. Through our global expertise across two key areas of need ― Risk Capital and Human Capital ― our clients are better advised within, and across, their risk and people strategies.

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Better Decisions on Risk for Food Agribusiness and Beverage


Long-term strategies to build sustainable growth and stability

A revised approach to risk

The current volatility and uncertainty make it more important than ever for businesses to understand, anticipate and manage threats, turning them into opportunities wherever possible.

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