Human Resources

Our Approach

Ten out of the top ten risks organizations face are people related.

Businesses and organizations are facing more disruption than ever before. With industry lines rapidly blurring, companies in every sector are competing for a finite group of technical, creative and business talent.

Our three-part approach provides long-term solutions so you can unleash the power in your people to make confident business decisions and withstand market volatility.


Attract, retain, deploy and
motivate the right people

Business leaders are searching
for talent that will drive innovation.
Stop recruiting for skills that will
soon be obsolete. Let Aon help you
assess and select the right talent
for the future of your business. We’ll
also help determine how you can
incentivize and reward your people,
improving overall retention and
employee satisfaction.

Create a roadmap to the
workforce of the future

Smart companies understand that
attracting and retaining critical talent
means presenting a compelling
future that resonates. Aon can help
you cultivate a modern workforce by
defining new jobs and career paths
required to keep up with industry
disruption. We’ll help you develop
the business case, transition plan
and rewards program to tie your
new human capital strategy to your
overall business strategy.

Use people data to drive
business performance

Driving performance during
transformation requires employees
who will thrive in a new type of
environment. Use Aon’s proprietary
tools to measure the ROI on reward
programs and assess for learnability,
agility and curiosity. Uncover critical
workforce insights by analyzing
people data and reinforce the new
priorities for the digital age.