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Foundations and endowments need to achieve long-term growth in assets while moderating performance volatility to avoid compromising their short-term needs. Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting understands that each client is unique—especially when determining the client’s risk-taking comfort zone.

Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting can help investment committees and trustees assess the unique characteristics of their assets with respect to their portfolios, cash flows, and spending needs—and what they hope to accomplish over their investment horizons. We develop a step-by-step process to help clients meet their fiduciary responsibilities, addressing these key issues:

Spending Policy. What is the appropriate spending policy? How do the committees and/or trustees balance current operating needs with long-term growth?

Asset Allocation. How can organizations allocate assets appropriately to achieve their ideal spending policy without depleting the real value of the endowment? What is the most efficient mix among various asset classes?

Investment Manager Structure. How many managers will the organization need to implement the asset allocation policy? Are the current managers the strongest managers to help achieve objectives? What is the appropriate allocation to passively managed strategies? How should assets be allocated between liquid and illiquid classes?

Additional Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting services for defined benefit plans include: