Private Equity Portfolio Solutions

Comprehensive and ongoing portfolio management across risk, human capital, and technology

Operational improvement is growing as a critical aspect of value creation in private equity portfolios. Leveraging your portfolio’s buying power, we can identify opportunities to enhance your returns and improve your balance sheet. Aon works with you to unlock the full value in your portfolio by leveraging data and creating business intelligence and efficiencies. From designing new solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs, to conducting diagnostics on your portfolio assets and human capital structure, to identifying and mitigating cyber threats, Aon helps you efficiently and effectively manage risks across your portfolio companies.

  • Analyze - Your entire portfolio to assess the total cost of portfolio risk and identify where coverage can be expanded and costs reduced
  • Evaluate - Insurance carriers best suited to your portfolio’s requirements
  • Develop - Uniform approach to optimize coverage and maintain a consistent experience across your portfolio companies
  • Continuously Leverage - Your portfolio's value and Aon’s trading relationships to enhance future investments
  • Integrated Due Diligence
    We work with our private equity clients to address the critical "deal breaker" and "deal shaper" issues affecting your transaction. We immediately bring to your attention any red flag issues and provide solutions to remedy these matters by partnering with our Due Diligence Team.
  • Onboarding
    Aon understands that every deal is unique and creates solutions based on your individual transaction. Whether you are merging with another organization, acquiring a business, making an asset or stock purchase, or managing a carve-out, Aon will:
    • Help you Understand your costs, both analyzing current and future state programs and structures
    • Transfer your portfolio company’s retirement planning fiduciary obligation and lower plan asset management fees
    • Provide leadership for smooth implementation for all of HR programs
  • Data Driven Cost Savings
    Aon performs a diagnostic of existing benefits programs analyzing more than 30 data points to identify high, medium and low areas of optimization. Using Aon’s proprietary portfolio tools, our clients typically identify a savings of between 5% and 15% on overall benefit spend.
    Aon helps improve your human resources programs and create a strategy that maximizes human capital and make you a more attractive seller. Our exit ready solutions include:
    • Benchmarking to model portfolio company benefits against peer companies
    • Pre-exit employee communications designed to outline changes and minimize disruption
    • Web-based Compliance Dashboard to monitor and track benefit plan compliance and ensure that HR policies are up to date
    • Employee Advocacy services provides a call center to support plan participants with HR and benefit questions to free your HR team to work on strategic integration issues
    • Dependent Eligibility Audit helps ensure only eligible participants are provided benefits under the welfare plans
  1. Portfolio Scanner – Aon’s proprietary Portfolio Scanner platform operates at pace and scale to build an Investor’s Cyber dashboard that gives visibility of your high-risk investments from a cyber risk perspective
  2. Cyber Financial Exposure – quantify your cyber financial loss exposure using Aon’s proprietary claims data, incident response experience and advanced quant modelling. Also used by Portfolio Scanner.
  3. Portfolio-wide Incident Response – be ready for the worst by partnering with our leading cyber incident response experts who are ready to respond on behalf of your portfolio in the event of an incident
  4. Threat intelligence – monitor the deep & dark web to find evidence that your portfolio company is being targeted in underground hacker forums or has already been compromised
  5. Cyber Improvement – execute critical remediation activities and overall improvement programs leveraging our team of experience Cyber Solutions advisors
  6. Exit Readiness – protect your portfolio company valuation in advance of any future buyer’s cyber due diligence initiatives


Aon’s Capital Strategies Solutions includes:

Tax Insurance

Today’s tax structures and their legal, financial, and business implications have grown rapidly in both size and complexity. Tax insurance is designed to protect you should a transaction or tax credit investment fail to qualify for its intended tax treatment. Aon’s Tax Insurance team delivers unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience to guide clients in protecting against an adverse tax ruling that can compromise the value of a transaction, a tax equity position, or earnings.

Litigation Insurance

The potential for significant damages from litigation can hinder business operations, complicate M&A transactions, weigh on your stock price, or force you to reserve funds that could be better used to grow your business. Aon helps protect businesses from catastrophic judgements, reversals on appeal, or other adverse outcomes.

Credit and Surety Solutions

Credit and surety insurance solutions have evolved as a flexible capital management tool that enables businesses to improve and increase liquidity, de-risk a balance sheet, and facilitate M&A deal negotiations. Aon brings both the capital markets and insurance expertise to help clients with creative solutions to solve complex financial challenges.

Bespoke Contingent Risk Solutions

As companies seek to boost shareholder value and deliver growth in a volatile economic environment, Aon is assisting corporations, private equity and investment funds to navigate complex financial risks. By deploying insurance capital in a radically different way and addressing market inefficiencies, Aon delivers highly customized solutions that lower costs, increase margins, and take risk off the balance sheet as a critical part of clients’ M&A, corporate and capital strategies.

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The Aon Advantage

Aon offers a broad suite of M&A advisory solutions. We have helped more firms realize deal success than any other company in the industry. Aon’s M&A and Transaction Solutions team has been leading the creation and advancement of M&A risk and insurance solutions for the M&A industry. Comprising senior M&A and tax lawyers, senior M&A leaders, health & benefits professionals, and cybersecurity and intellectual property professionals, we bring a depth of knowledge and passion for developing tailored solutions to your complex deal risks that is unparalleled in this industry. We know firsthand that the timing and sensitivity of a deal are paramount to its success and work closely with your deal team and our insurance providers to advise and execute solutions that improve your deal outcomes.

With our passion for developing new and creative solutions and globally coordinated teams, we can help you assess and manage deals across industries and across the globe at every stage of the deal lifecycle. Equally important, we are fully dedicated to 24/7 responsiveness for every client. We work with other stakeholders to help ensure risks are uncovered and protected. With Aon, you have an experienced, trusted partner to help you do what you do best — maximizing investment returns in today’s rapidly evolving markets.