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Base Pay Design

Attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent is one of the greatest obstacles to business growth in competitive industries. That is why it's important to have remuneration plans and performance-based programs that emphasise the combined value of pay and benefits. Aon's remuneration consultants know how to transform HR challenges and requirements into remuneration solutions aligned to your specific business objectives.

We assist you with the design, development, implementation and review of new and existing remuneration structures and systems that meet your business requirements. Our consulting team offers both advisory and corporate experience ensuring that your solution will have a foundation in best practice that's also practical to implement.

Fixed remuneration structures that suit your needs

We create fixed remuneration structures that consider not only market competitiveness, but how employees progress through their careers at your organisation.

Depending on your organisation, we may recommend broad banding, career levelling, job evaluation or a completely customised solution. Aon's proprietary job evaluation methodology JobLink is a global solution designed around the most relevant job sizing factors in the contemporary employment market.

We take into consideration the size of your organisation, your industry, the strategic direction of your business and the remuneration resources available within your organisation to administer the system. We know from our extensive engagement research the importance of aligning your remuneration structure with career paths at your organisation - for a fully integrated talent and rewards approach.


Managing Engagement in Times of Change

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