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Job Architecture, Evaluation and Levelling

Grading and job architecture systems are a critical business process that can add significant value to a business and its employees – when designed effectively. Any good grading and job architecture programme can improve reward management efficiency – but the best programmes can do a lot more. If your levelling approach is not working hard for your business, it could be limiting the effectiveness of other important HR and business processes.

Organisations that have worked with us to implement grading and architecture solutions have benefited from:

  • Improved employee engagement and performance via increased clarity and focus for employees and their line managers
  • Employee ownership of their careers and a start point for learning and development conversations
  • A clearer way to communicate to employees their position in the organisation structure and provide a practical demonstration of organisation values by illustrating progression criteria
  • An approach that provides the basis for efficient reward management, including benchmarking and regulatory compliance on topics including gender pay and equal pay reporting.

In this context, is your grading solution working as hard for your business as it could be? Are you really achieving all the possible benefits for your business?

The Aon approach to developing grade structures is both pragmatic and straightforward. We consider our clients’ specific needs from the outset. We develop approaches which are:

  • Simple and easy to communicate
  • Practical and appropriate for the context of each specific business
  • Underpinned by a robust, proven and flexible job evaluation methodology (Aon JobLinkTM)
  • Straightforward to maintain and develop in-house
  • Reflective of a specific business, using the organisation’s own language

How can Aon help?

Aon offers a range of solutions, from job family architecture models through to more traditional work level hierarchies. Our underpinning job evaluation method has been used by companies of all sizes in markets worldwide for nearly 15 years . Its use is growing rapidly as a modern and more flexible alternative to some of the more established and fixed global methods.

JobLink levels and career framework

JobLink uses only 5 factors

Aon can help if you are looking for:

  • A review of your current approach to help determine its effectiveness and identify potential areas for development
  • A redesign of your current approach to help ensure closer alignment with your business and HR goals
  • The development and implementation of a new levelling or job architecture approach tailored to the needs of your specific business
  • A new job evaluation method which is modern, flexible, intuitive and easy to navigate while being robust and proven in delivering effective outcomes.

Our team has extensive experience in working with a wide range of organisations across different business sectors and locations. Please contact us for an initial conversation, to understand what Aon’s clients have to say about the impact of our solutions, or to ask any questions. We would love to talk.


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