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Aon’s Rewards Solutions has a focus: to assist organisations with designing and implementing remuneration compensation policies and plans that will help them meet their strategic goals.

Executive compensation remuneration has many objectives – including retention, reward and incentivisation. In a world of regulation, scrutiny and complexity, it has become more and more evident that this is an expert field, where specialist advice is required. Within our European Executive Compensation practice we have developed particular expertise in the financial services, life sciences and technology sectors.

Our consultants advise HR functions, executive leadership and remuneration committees in designing remuneration arrangements that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

We are different because:

  • Our team works with executives and boards of directors to create rewards plans that are competitive in today’s market for top leadership. We provide recommendations that are informed by real-time market intelligence, a wealth of valuation, tax and accounting expertise, and a commitment to tracking compensation-related regulatory developments in the financial services, technology and life sciences sectors.
  • Our data – we have one of the largest and most extensive proprietary databases of executive level positions in the financial services, technology and life sciences sectors globally. We provide firms with market benchmarks for their critical roles and cover base salary, allowances, and short- and long-term incentives compensation data. Our technical analytics, tailored to reflect the true market in which your firm competes for both talent and business, enable you to evaluate performance with reward.
  • Our data solutions offer unlimited access for compensation practitioners and investors to a full set of executive compensation data insight and tools. These represent a comprehensive and flexible resource to give full-time professionals and those who are called upon to advise on occasion the access they need.
  • Our delivery – we pride ourselves on the quality and punctuality of our delivery. While our advice is of the highest quality and deals with some complex issues, our reports are clear and easy to read. We avoid unnecessary jargon. We do not miss deadlines.

Aon UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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