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Gender Composition, Reporting and Equality

The principle that women and men are entitled to equal pay for doing equal or like work is embedded in the UK law. According to the Office of National Statistics, the gender pay gap has almost halved since the original equal pay legislation came into force in 1970, but there remains a pay gap of approximately 10% between the median level of full-time pay for women and men in the UK.

We have created a questionnaire to gauge organisations' responses and preparation for the Gender Pay Gap Reporting requirements. Please take ten minutes to complete the online questionnaire, accessed through this link. We will share the results with respondents.

Are you looking to understand gender pay equity within your organisation but wondering where to start? Aon offers a range of services that can help your organisation address this critical issue.

Aon's Equal Pay Audit tool provides a simple, methodical and cost-effective way to determine pay inequalities in your organisation. We offer a straight-forward data collection process, robust analysis and a clear results presentation, along with insightful commentary from our experts.

We will collect data, analyse it and provide you with a traffic light risk summary showing areas your company needs to focus on as a priority, areas that will need attention in the future, and areas not causing any concern. We will then make specific recommendations and suggest further analysis that might be required.

Aon's team of experienced consultants can also provide you with additional in-depth analysis and consultation on gender pay equity within your organisation. These solutions can be tailored to the meet the specific needs of your organisation, and align with your broader strategic goals.

Click here to watch our Gender Pay Gap webinars.

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