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Equal Pay and Pay Gap Reporting

The principle that men and women are entitled to equal pay for work of equal (or like) value is well accepted by employers in today’s market place and has been enshrined in UK law since the 1970’s. However, despite this longstanding legislation, the pay gap between men and women has not been closing fast enough. As a result, the UK introduced new Gender Pay Gap regulations with effect from 2017 to shine more of a spotlight on the issue and encourage organisations to be more proactive in this area.

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*All data is sourced from the UK Government Pay Gap Report website, and is provided as is. Aon assumes no liability as to the accuracy or completeness of this data, or any responsibility for your use of this data.

Equal Pay Audits

Aon’s proprietary diagnostic tool provides a market leading level of analysis and insight and can be used in organisations of all sizes. The tool will generate data for a full pay audit or at a summary level, both will help you understand pay equity in your organisation and with this comes an increased ability to develop management strategies.

Pay Gap Calculation and Reporting (Gender/ Ethnicity/ Age)

The UK focus is on Gender Pay Gap reporting with forthcoming additions expected around ethnicity and potentially age.

UK regulations appear to be relatively straight-forward but experience of working through them has shown that they are anything but simple.

Aon can help your organisation navigate these issues efficiently and effectively by providing:

  • A full independent and objective audit or your own pay gap calculations and the interpretation of the regulations that have been applied. We look to ensure that your organisation can be confident in the accuracy of its publication. This is particularly significant given the level of signatory required on the UK disclosure and the reputational risk inherent in an incorrect report.
  • A full calculation of your Pay Gap based on your actual pay data. We can deliver your calculations for you and provide insight on the causes of any pay gap which emerges. As part of this work we are happy to provide a full audit trail behind our work to help your organisation repeat the exercise on a like for like basis every year.
  • Communications/ narrative support. We are able to utilise our extensive experience of working with clients on the subject in the UK and beyond to help you develop your narrative and communications. This is a complex area with many risks involved as the subject matter can be challenging for organisations to address.

How can Aon help?

Our consultants have extensive experience in reviewing and designing reward approaches which are fair and equitable. We can help your organisation to understand whether any of your reward processes are contributing to any equity issues and develop options for robust, transparent and equitable solutions.


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