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Executive Compensation

Aon’s Rewards Solutions has a focus: to assist organisations in designing compensation policies and plans that help them meet their strategic goals.

Executive compensation has many objectives – including retention, reward and incentivisation. In a world of regulation, scrutiny and complexity, it has become more and more evident that this is an expert field, where specialist advice is required. Within our European Executive Compensation practice we have developed particular expertise in the financial services, life sciences and technology sectors.

Organisations face many issues, including:

  • Ensuring that the pay policy fits with the corporate strategy
  • Paying for performance and avoiding rewarding failure
  • Benchmarking pay against the right peer group
  • Accessing independent and accurate competitive data
  • Aligning policies with regulatory requirements

Our consultants advise HR functions, executive leadership and remuneration committees in designing remuneration arrangements that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

The advice we provide is ‘data-led’, drawing on our extensive proprietary data sources to ensure that decisions can be backed up with relevant competitive market data and information. Our areas of particular focus include:

  • Reward strategy and policy
  • Remuneration committee support (focusing on unlisted firms and subsidiaries)
  • Variable pay (bonus and LTIP) design
  • Financial services remuneration regulation support and assessment
  • Market surveys
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Competitive market trend information and commentary

In addition, our Equity Services team provides numerous services across industry sectors including TSR measurement/reporting and LTIP valuations for accounting purposes. We remain at the forefront of developing novel valuation techniques and ensuring that IFRS 2 is correctly interpreted to fit the ever-evolving incentives market.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with clients throughout the year and proactively provide updates on changes in the financial services, technology and life sciences sectors. Our sector focus allows us to provide effective solutions to both broad and industry-specific issues that inevitably arise.

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