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Rewards Insights for Technology Jobs

Discover the latest pay levels and trends from technology companies around the globe

The competition for technical talent is as fierce as ever. To attract and retain all of the people you need to succeed, including in data science, IT and software development roles, its time to turn to Aon.

Leveraging information from the Radford Global Technology Survey, we can share comprehensive rewards insights from thousands of technology companies across more than 80 countries. To learn more, explore the interactive map below:


Today, the Radford Global Technology Survey features information on 7.7 million incumbents working at more than 2,200 organisations. Select participants include:

Accenture IBM Rakuten
Airbnb Infineon Technologies Rolls-Royce Group
Alibaba Group Lenovo SAP
Amazon Lockheed Martin Software AG
Apple Mediatek Spotify
Arm Microsoft STMircoelectronics
ASML Nike Swift
BAE Systems Nokia Technologies Taiwan Semiconductor
Facebook NXP Semiconductors Technicolor
HERE Technologies Oracle Uber

To learn more about our full participant list, including your closest competitors for talent, please contact our team.

Available Jobs

The Radford Global Technology Survey covers all job functions at technology companies, including HR, marketing, finance and more. However, we recognize companies often have acute needs around their technical roles. That’s why we have multiple participation options, including access to select roles like the ones highlighted below:

Why Aon?

High-quality data, direct from HR teams

We’re a participant-only survey, meaning there’s only one way to access the Radford Network®: submit a complete, high-quality data input that passes multiple rounds of quality assurance.

Real customer service

Every Aon survey client is partnered with a dedicated survey consultant to guide you through the input process. We also offer complimentary online and one-on-one training.

The most complete job library in the business

Our job library has been the industry standard for the world’s most successful technology firms as they have evolved, and now we have opened in up for all industries to compare their technology positions.

Focus on the data that matters most to you

Our database, currently spanning 7,6 million people at 2,289 organisations, is updated quarterly, allowing Aon to deliver the timely, targeted data you need to compete for today’s hottest talent.


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