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Hotel Industry Reward Group

The Hotel Industry Rewards Group (HIRG) is an exclusive industry club for Compensation & Benefits specialists working in the hotel industry in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The Group consists of more than 39 international and local hotel groups, representing 2,200 hotels across 44 countries, making it the largest, most comprehensive and well-connected hotel industry compensation forum in EMEA.

Aon provides compensation & benefits professionals with a reliable and confidential source of salary and benefits benchmarking data, and an opportunity to network and share ideas with peers across the Hotel industry in EMEA.

Aon conducts runs an annual survey featuring 170 hotel roles from General Manager to Room Attendant across 11 core job families. Data is presented by hotel job role covering: salary, allowances, bonuses, benefits and perquisites.

Aon also runs a Regional/ Corporate Roles Survey that reviews the compensation and benefits prevalence for regional roles across the EMEA region. The study focuses on roles (executive and non-executive) that are based in the regional and corporate office.

The survey collects total compensation data covering base salary, bonus, long-term incentives, benefits and perquisite eligibility.

Aon also manages hotel pay surveys across Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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