Create positive change

Explore the app to see where you can make
positive, practical changes for a healthier future

A simple, useful assessment

Enter your details, answer initial questions – you'll receive a simple score that summarises your overall health and wellbeing, to see where you are today and help you plan for tomorrow.

Individual scores based on evidence-backed clinical data and consumer financial research.

A simple, useful assessment

Hear from Peter

“The app was so easy to use. There were some great articles on changing old habits that I read straight away! I knew that losing weight wouldn’t be easy, but the bite-sized tasks and weekly goals were really helpful.”

Discover your future

Explore the app to see where you can make positive, practical changes for a healthier future.

Encourage sustainable, achievable, healthy behaviour with personalised coaching, challenges and rewards.


Well One supports over 115 physical activities and syncs with data from other popular wearables and apps


Over time, Well One calculates an accurate score for each activity, helping users see and analyse their physical activity level at a glance.


Actively engage in healthier lifestyles: Well One includes gamification and content developed by experts, plus social networking features and our 24/7 smart digital coach.

Self Control

Give your employees the awareness and understanding they need to better manage their lifestyle.

Self Control

Reward and celebrate – employees can earn points and recognition for their efforts, and you can reward them in a way that suits your business . Together you can reduce the risk to their health and to your business.


Help your employees to measure and manage their physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing, in an easy and fun way.

Show you care and want to support your employees by giving them practical help and support to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our team includes actuaries, physicians, clinicians and consultants with advice informed by deeper data insights than ever before, to deliver a return on your health investment.

Enable sustainable healthy behaviour change across your organisation with clear, data-driven insights all in one place.

Hear from Peter

"I feel as if I've turned a corner. My aim is to build up my fitness and get involved in some sort of sport – maybe the local running club"

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