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Explore the app to see where you can make
positive, practical changes for a healthier future

A simple, useful assessment

Enter your details, answer initial questions – you’ll receive a simple score that summarises your overall health and wellbeing, to see where you are today and help you plan for tomorrow.

Hear from Shakia

“Getting started was really easy – the app takes you through a ‘get to know you’ exercise. The whole thing makes you stop and take stock of where you are and where you want to be.”

Discover your future

Explore the app to see where you can make positive, practical changes for a healthier future.

Well One uses coaching, challenges and rewards to enable sustainable, healthy behaviour change.


Digital coaching provides real-time feedback to support employees to take steps to feel healthier, and happier.


Tailored group challenges and personal goals help motivate action and sustain change.

Hear from Shakia

“At weekends it was fine, I could get out in the garden or walk the dog. But in the week, it was easy for work to take over and for exercise to be pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.”

Sleep & Stress

Well One focuses on measuring overall holistic health: sleep is one of our seven key categories.

Hear from Shakia

“Amazing results just from listening to birdsong before I go to sleep. I’ve found the sleep articles on the app really helpful too.”

Sleep & Stress

Our Smart Coach can prompt users when they are not getting enough sleep and encourage them to join a sleep-related goal that’s relevant to them.

Sleep & Stress

Give employees the awareness and understanding they need to better manage their lifestyle.


Research suggests that employee productivity lost due to financial concerns can be as much as 13% of salary costs – so it pays to alleviate the financial worries of your staff.


Well One can help kickstart life events on the right foot, ensuring employees benefit from getting their finances in order earlier than expected, or enjoying the retirement lifestyle they felt was out of reach.

Show you care and want to support your employees by actively providing something to help improve their health and wellbeing.


Well One enables employees to measure and manage not just their physical, but their emotional, social and financial wellbeing too, in an easy and fun way.

Individuals can compare and compete with their health scores across the organisation

Instantly see the health and wellbeing changes of your employees and teams around the world, measure progress over time and benchmark against other businesses in the industry.

Enable sustainable, healthy behaviour change across your organisation with clear, data-driven insights all in one place.

“I’ve become a Well One convert! It’s given me a focus for generally making life a little more manageable. I like seeing my score get better and being able to compare myself with colleagues. I’m beginning to feel fitter. I’m less stressed, sleeping better and even enjoying the work more. I feel I’ve got more to offer and plenty to look forward to.”

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