Protected Facility

Protected Cell / Incorporated Cell / Segregated Accounts

Aon Captive & Insurance Management offers clients a diverse suite of insurance solutions through utilisation of Protected Cell, Incorporated Cell and Segregated Account facilities. This solution is offered through Aon's own Protected and Incorporated Cell Companies -- White Rock


White Rock assists clients who need licensed insurance paper in the European Economic Area (EEA) to access reinsurance markets or captives.

Incorporated Cell Companies

White Rock ICC is an Incorporated Cell Company facility where each cell is a separately incorporated legal entity. Cells within an ICC can also transact with one another.

Insurance Linked Securities

White Rock provides capital market investors with flexible and innovative transformer facilities which can be used to directly access the reinsurance market.

Retained Cells

White Rock offers segregated Account, Protected or Incorporated cell facilities where each insured's business is legally segregated from all other cells in the chosen facility.

Run-off & Finality Solutions

White Rock offers 'rump warehousing' solutions e.g: when a captive owner decides to exit the market. White Rock Group has been awarded the Cell Captive of the Year 2013 Award.