Risk Finance & Captive Consulting

The Risk Finance & Captive Consulting (RFCC) team is the consulting arm of Aon’s Captive & Insurance Management, with capabilities across risk management, insurance, reinsurance, captives, actuarial science, underwriting, tax and accounting.

Our team assists clients with their insurance buying decisions; optimizing the balance of risk transfer and retention financing through comprehensive valuation and comparative analysis.

We prepare captive feasibility studies for companies considering a captive; utilization and strategic reviews for existing captives and other captive and alternative risk consulting-related projects.

Captive Feasibility Study

A captive feasibility study provides the answers to key questions around the formation of a captive: can a captive deliver value, how a captive should be structured, what business it should write, where it should be located, and how it should be operated.

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Captive Utilization Review

A utilization review is particularly well-suited to captives that have been in existence for several years, particularly where there has been program stability. In addition, a review should be considered whenever there are material developments to the parent’s business profile (rapid growth, significant acquisitions or divestitures or changes in business direction) or when the insurance market cycle changes.

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Captive Strategic Review

A captive strategic review is designed to ensure your captive is operating effectively and optimally and offers a compact, low-cost, and template-driven review of best practices and opportunities for improvement.

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Captive Finality Solutions

If an organization’s risk financing strategy changes or the parent group’s broader strategic objectives alter, an organization (or in the case of a group captive, its members) may find it desirable to ‘exit’ from captive participation.

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