Claims Signal™ Platform

Claims Signal™ is the next generation claims platform developed by Aon and Athenium Analytics to enable insurers to identify high risk claims. This will enhance the policyholder experience while achieving a 4-6% improvement in claims indemnity and expenses

Claims Signal

Claims Signal is a web-based platform that assesses, analyzes and improves the quality of claims handling – which uses artificial intelligence (AI) natural language processing (NLP) to analyze open claim files. This enables insurers to uncover any high-risk claim characteristics and provide real-time alerts to help mitigate those risks early in the claims cycle.

Key Features

Assess best practice adherence utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Inpoint ClaimsMonitor® data, to determine the appropriate claims handling actions needed to avoid poor claims handling outcomes

Identify handling patterns and best practice deviations resulting in opportunities for improvement in customer service, operational efficiency, and indemnity results

Analyze output and performance trends across more than 30 dimensions

Actions alert supervisors and/or adjusters to perform the corrective steps needed to realign the handling of the claim to achieve desired claims outcomes