Banking and Capital Markets

Uncover the competitive data and insights you need to grow

Institutions across banking and capital markets need to adapt to changing markets and evolving technology, while continuing to grow revenue and improve profitability.

Our data driven business intelligence and strategic advisory solutions help you to quantify, plan and develop the strategies you need to grow.

Specialist Coverage

Investment and Universal Banks

Our Gauge benchmark takes data from the general ledger and maps it to a standardised structure. This creates unique insights into how banks can manage financial performance and improve workforce productivity.

  • Headcount
  • Revenues
  • Capital usage
  • Compensation related expenses
  • Non-compensation costs
  • Infrastructure costs and headcount

Institutional Equities

Using the Revenue GPS tool, we help institutional equities businesses understand their competitive position (market share) and how to optimise their sales teams to improve performance.

  • 90+ Sell Side Brokers Represented Globally
  • 5700+ Individual Institutional Investors Covered
  • Analysis of execution and research wallets

Productivity, Financial Performance and Market Share Solutions

Individual and Team Productivity

  • Assess the front office’s performance against compensation ratios - including risk weighted returns
  • Benchmark the front office’s financial performance, covering metrics like revenue, direct expense, headcount and capital
  • Delve into front office and sales team headcount, showing producers vs non-producers and country analysis
  • Uncover the productivity and performance of your equities’ business lines and build the right teams for you

Firm-wide financial performance

  • Benchmark financial performance (e.g. for expenses and headcount) against your peers– covering banking group functions like Technology, Operations, Finance and Risk

Institutional Equities Market Share

  • Define your addressable wallet and identify target markets, payment channels and products, allocating the right financial and human capital

Strategic Advisory

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Prepare your workforce to meet the future of work
  • Understand the impact of technology
  • Discover the impact of your location strategy
  • Uncover the skills your workforce needs for your business to thrive

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Investment and Universal Banks
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Institutional Equities
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