Retirement Readiness

Less than one-third of retirement savers will have adequate savings when they reach retirement age. *Aon’s analysis and tools help pinpoint employee shortfalls and ways to improve their financial outlook. Understanding where your employees stand now is the key to help ensure their retirement readiness later.

Aon Brings Retirement into Focus

Aon’s consultants use our robust analytical tools to show you the competitiveness of your benefit program (DB, DC, non-qualified, retiree medical) and offer strategies that aim to improve outcomes. Real Deal Analysis and Retirement Adequacy Modeler tools measure income adequacy to help you make thoughtful retirement plan choices. Our tools gauge:

  • Whether or not employees have sufficient assets to meet their retirement needs
  • Income sources that are expected to provide the most value
  • Level of employee involvement in preparing for retirement
  • Specific groups to target
  • Behavior changes that may have the greatest impact on retirement readiness

Real Deal Analysis

Get the real deal on how your employees are preparing for their future. Through a combination of Aon’s powerful data-driven modeling tool and our consultants’ vast experience in benefits plan design, communication and administration, the Real Deal Analysis delivers:

* Source: Aon's Real Deal: 2018 Retirement Income Adequacy Study


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