The Tyche Capital Model (TCM) is an innovative non-life capital modeling library.

This out-of-the-box solution helps insurance companies make better decisions, use their capital more efficiently and optimize their portfolio. It has been widely adopted in the insurance market, from small monoline insurers to large global companies. The TCM can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, which can be hosted if required.

The TCM supports many business modeling applications including:
  • Setting capital such as economic capital, regulatory capital (SII, Lloyd’s, Bermuda)
  • Risk profile assessment – including Forward looking assessment of own risk (FLAOR)
  • Reinsurance analysis – including internal reinsurance delivering a local entity and group perspective
  • Capital allocation and risk adjusted performance measurement
  • Business planning
Key benefits of the Tyche Capital Model are:
  • Tyche’s ground-breaking speed means the Tyche Capital Model runs very quickly in comparison to other similar software
  • Strong out-of-the box functionality facilitating a full non-life internal model
  • Ability for clients to easily customize, or they can build customized models from scratch, utilizing out-of-the box functionality or templated models
  • Our supported and flexible database schema, TyDI, can handle input and output data version management for any Tyche model, and comes pre-configured to work with the Tyche Capital Model