Create positive change

Explore the app to see where you can make
positive, practical changes for a healthier future

A simple, useful assessment

Enter your details, answer initial questions – you’ll receive a simple score that summarises your overall health and wellbeing, to see where you are today and help you plan for tomorrow.

Hear from Janet

“I entered my details and the first surprise was that my health score wasn’t that bad compared to rest of my colleagues. So that was an encouraging start. It made me want to see if I could improve it!”

Discover your future

Explore the app to see where you can make positive, practical changes for a healthier future.

Well One uses coaching, challenges and rewards to enable sustainable, healthy behaviour change.


Digital coaching provides real-time feedback to support employees to take steps to feel healthier, and happier.

Tailored challenges can help colleagues motivate and influence each other to change their health behaviours, and can link to your company’s chosen CSR aims.


Measure and manage your employees physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing in an easy and fun way.


Give employees the awareness and understanding they need to better manage their lifestyle.

Hear from Janet

“The app included some great quizzes on nutrition and health so I got our team to do them together one lunchtime – it made me really think about nutrition and healthy habits – especially as I’m trying to get the kids to eat well. I know I eat too many salty snacks and drink too many lattes, so now I make sure I’ve got fruit or veg with me plus water.”

Mental Wellbeing

Show you care and want to support your employees by actively providing something to help improve their health and wellbeing.

Hear from Janet

“I tried recording my sleep, but that was hopeless – Jack is going through a really bad teething patch and waking up a lot, so it just made me feel more stressed. But in the mental health section there were a lot of useful tips that I’ve been trying, like the five-a-day recovery moments. I now do the breathing exercises before I go to bed and they really help me to unwind, relax and feel less anxious.”


Partner with employees, helping to reduce the risk to their health and to your business.

Hear from Janet

“I can do the steps anytime I like so I’m trying to get out at lunchtime at work. It’s the perfect mid-day refresher. Then at weekends I run to the park with the kids in the buggy. Better still, it’s all helping raise money for our company charity this year, the Children’s Hospice, so that’s given me an added incentive.”


Individuals can compare and compete with their health scores across the organisation

Instantly see the health and wellbeing changes of your employees and teams around the world, measure progress over time and benchmark against other businesses in the industry.

Enable sustainable, healthy behaviour change across your organisation with clear, data-driven insights all in one place.

Hear from Janet

“A few simple changes have made a big difference. After just 6 weeks of using the Well One app I really feel I’ve turned a corner. It’s made the return to work process fun, rewarding and helped me get to know my new team better”

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