Our Impact: A Message From Our CEO

Impact Report 2023
Impact Report 2023

A Message From Our CEO

From the Desk of Greg Case:


Welcome to Aon’s 2023 Impact Report.

Over the course of the last few years, we have seen that the world has continued to become more volatile — especially across four important megatrends impacting our clients: trade, technology, weather and workforce.

In response to new and existing risks and concerns, we have further evolved our firm and accelerated our Aon United strategy by focusing on two key areas of business decision-making: Risk Capital — protecting an organization against risk and volatility — and Human Capital — growing the potential of the workforce.

As risk and people issues have become increasingly interconnected, an organization’s environmental and social impacts have become more relevant to their business strategy. In an increasingly connected world with complex global supply chains and operations, a natural disaster can have a wide variety of consequences for businesses, people and communities and how our clients respond impacts their ability to operate effectively and grow.

As we evolved our firm around our Risk Capital and Human Capital capabilities, we have also been able to tap new areas of connectivity and innovation. Our Aon United strategy and structure also enables our firm to build solutions that help organizations improve their workforce’s health — as well as allowing them to deliver strategies and manage costs. By bringing together leading health analytics and reinsurance capabilities, in 2023 we developed innovative solutions around insurance coverage for gene and cell therapy. This means our clients are now able to make better decisions around offering these treatments — including placing reinsurance coverage to provide financial support.

Our impact is greatest when we help our clients address their environmental and social challenges, which we’ve highlighted in this report, in addition to our progress against our global strategy and the difference we’re making in communities around the world through our volunteer, mentorship and apprenticeship programs.

For example, in 2023, we helped the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) better address interconnected risk. Working with Lloyd’s of London, we helped launch a backstop for the IFRC’s Disaster Response Emergency Fund – the first of its kind. This will protect the fund from volatility and increase its capacity to quickly distribute funds to those in need should a natural disaster happen.

It is because of the progress that we have made — and continue to make — that we can deliver on our commitment to help our clients, colleagues and communities make better decisions and, through them, help build a better world.

Thank you for reading our report.

Greg Case,
CEO, Aon plc

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Our impact is greatest when we help our clients address their environmental and social challenges.

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Greg Case
CEO, Aon plc