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Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans


401(k) plans allow employees to save for retirement through pre-tax deferrals of income. However, 401(k) and other qualified plans are subject to strict regulations that substantially limit savings opportunities for highly compensated executives.

After-Tax Savings Plans are company-sponsored programs typically utilized for highly compensated employees. These plans provide participants with tax preferenced wealth accumulation opportunities and can provide significant life insurance benefits as well. They also offer greater benefit security than traditional deferred compensation and supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs).

Aon's Executive Benefits practice has extensive experience designing, implementing, and administering deferred compensation plans (DCPs) and defined contribution supplemental executive retirement plans (DC SERPs). These plans allow executives to defer large amounts of income from current taxation, and also provide employers with powerful tools to attract and retain key employees. DCPs and DC SERPs are core elements of our business—and our plan experts possess an extraordinary breadth and depth of financial, actuarial, and benefits acumen. Advisors and consultants operate in multi-layer teams to ensure familiarity with specific plans, and deliver an extraordinary level of personalized support to our clients.


Executive Deferred Compensation

Elective deferral and 401(k) "make-up" plans are designed to restore benefit equity for executives affected by qualified plan limitations. Properly designed, these nonqualified benefit programs provide maximum flexibility and few limitations with regard to ERISA requirements.


Supplemental Retirement Planning

As a result of the strict nondiscrimination rules imposed on qualified benefit plans, top executives often receive proportionally less benefit than other employees. We have successfully developed solutions to provide enhanced benefits for these executives through the use of nonqualified plans, which can reduce the financial impact of liabilities and yield favorable earnings impact.


Nonqualified Plan Termination
As a company’s executive benefit strategies evolve, a freeze or termination of legacy retirement plans may be necessary to more effectively align with their rewards philosophy. We can help navigate the complex process of evaluating options, defining impact and implementing solutions. Our services include consulting, project management, communication services and participant call center support.