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Insurers today face numerous challenges, from intense pricing competition and volatile financial markets to uncertain catastrophe exposures. These require quantitative and qualitative answers to inform management decisions.

Combining high caliber expertise with proprietary technology and a thorough understanding of the market, we provide clients with distinctive actuarial studies and data-grounded answers to difficult questions about treaty, facultative and capital markets risk transfer options, as well as corporate risk tolerance and risk appetite.

Our Actuarial team works to quantify the economic costs and benefits of any risk transfer solution our clients consider, spanning all property and casualty lines of business as well as classes of traditional and non-traditional reinsurance and capital markets transactions. The team’s work combines state of the art experience and exposure rating techniques, with informed, relevant line of business expertise and sophisticated ReMetrica® stochastic simulation models. Analyses are presented in terms of fundamental business drivers, with informative exhibits illustrating the impact of different structures on key decision variables. These analyses include:

  • Exposure and experience analyses
  • Reinsurance structure evaluation
  • Calculating economic, regulatory and rating agency capital adequacy

The team also undertakes numerous custom client engagements each year outside of risk transfer solutions, on topics ranging from predictive modeling and primary pricing, to market opportunities, enterprise risk management and capital modeling.

The team's expertise is far-reaching and includes:

  • Risk-return trade offs 
  • Portfolio modeling and risk aggregation 
  • Rate monitoring and underwriting support
  • Product development
  • Casualty clash modeling
  • Reserve volatility modeling

Our actuaries are integrated with the broker teams and stand ready to help clients make the most informed risk transfer and business decisions.

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