We assess client catastrophe exposures, models loss estimates and designs reinsurance programs to effectively manage net risks

Catastrophe Management

Effective catastrophe management is an essential component of an insurer’s risk management program. It demands a comprehensive approach to risk assessment, risk transfer and risk mitigation. Our catastrophe management team assesses client catastrophe exposure, models loss estimates and, alongside our actuaries and brokers, designs reinsurance programs to efficiently manage net risks. In addition, we leverage that knowledge into improvements in catastrophe reinsurance cost recovery and overall portfolio optimization. Cat Score®, our proprietary web-enabled location-level pricing tool, provides a real time estimate of the full cost of bearing cat risk including cost of capital and cost of reinsurance.

Catastrophe Modeling Capabilities

Using significant expertise of all major catastrophe models, our analysts overcome data and model limitations to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their portfolio. The team is in regular dialogue with all major modeling firms, and provides clients with detailed explanations for model changes and interpreting their potential effect on results.

Comprised of mathematicians, statisticians, software engineers and catastrophe modeling specialists, the team focuses on optimal reinsurance program design, more efficient catastrophe reinsurance pricing and devising a transaction that is accretive to the clients cost of capital. Areas of expertise and services include:

  • Data collection and cleansing
  • Analysis of modeled results
  • Accumulation analyses
  • What if scenarios
  • Catastrophe alerts
  • Latest projections of storm path and intensity

Portfolio Optimization Capabilities

Our portfolio optimization experts help companies manage their catastrophe risk exposures to increase profitability and achieve growth objectives. Drawing from the industry knowledge of our engineers and catastrophe modelers, the team employs innovative analytics to identify the portfolio that achieves the optimal risk / return trade-off. We provide clients with customized, actionable recommendations to plan for future growth and address non-renewing, unprofitable business with a minimal loss of underwriting premium.

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