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Drug Plan Cost Management

Drug Plan Cost Management

Aon is here to help manage your drug plan and maximize its impact on organizational health.

Performing Plan Reviews

Drug utilization review (DUR)
In-depth analysis of your plan’s drug costs, presenting key performance indicators, looking into demographics, high cost claimants, most commonly claimed drugs and therapeutic drug categories.
Five-point benefits plan inspection
Benchmarking in five key areas to determine your benefit plan’s competitiveness and to identify design inefficiencies.

Good Governance

Claims audit
Your entire plan’s drug, dental, extended health care claims are verified to ensure that claims payments are processed by the insurer according to contractual provisions to evaluate your insurer’s operational performance.
Drug plan redesign
Review and modifications to your plan’s parameters, financial arrangements and cost containment measures, based on your current situation, impact on employees, industry trends and changes.
Employee communication
Ad hoc communication on drug plan redesign, cost containment measures, smart health consumer habits and health conditions, onsite or online presentations.
Compliance and market trends
You are kept up to date on changing compliance requirements, new carrier offerings, new drugs, and market trends.

Containing Future Costs

Managed formulary
Formulary (i.e. list of covered drugs) review to balance your plan’s sustainability and your employees’ medical needs.
Interactive on-demand dashboard
You will be able to follow key performance indicators in real-time to help you measure your employee population’s behavior in health benefits and more. This is a fully customizable solution.
Pooling risk simulation
Determines your plan’s most efficient pooling arrangements accounting for various risk profiles and scenarios.
Predictive modelling
Five-year trend forecast of your benefit plan costs, based on your current plan design and demographics using Aon’s proprietary Predictive Cost Model (PCM).