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A supported path to individual health coverage

Through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, an estimated 30 million U.S. residents who previously lacked health care gained access to insurance through public programs in 2014.* Unfortunately, many people who qualify for the new options are unaware of their eligibility or choices for coverage. Today’s workforce includes a growing number of contract, part-time, and hourly staff who don’t qualify for group health plans but do qualify for public programs. Therefore, employers are increasingly seeking ways to help keep these employees healthy, productive, and engaged by providing them with information about available affordable health coverage.

Aon Health Coverage Resources™ is an online interactive tool that helps individuals who don’t qualify for group plans to find the right coverage in public programs like the state and federal marketplaces, CHIP, and Medicaid. This intuitive tool gives employers a simple, affordable way to help participants understand their health insurance options and enroll in the best-suited coverage.

*Source: “The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Safety Net,” Academy Health

A Comprehensive Solution

  • 1


    Educates employees about health care reform and available programs.

  • 2


    Helps individuals determine what they’re eligible for, including potential financial help.

  • 3


    Helps individuals enroll in state and federal marketplaces, CHIP, and Medicaid.

  • 4


    Promotes awareness of available resources to employees and senior management.

  • 5


    Experienced customer service advocates provide additional support to enrollees.